{ 05-02-2050 }

You, that are reading this message at this precise moment, from now on can decide to take part in a pivotal change for humanity.
I’m writing you from 2050 to make a very important pledge.
After the numerous events of the last century, life as we know it has changed quite a lot: economic crises, pandemics, global warming, resources decentralization and technological revolutions have drastically forced humanity to change its habits and ways of living.
As I speak, while the first settlers are working to make Mars a suitable plan for the whole human race, life on earth is almost fully confined inside the walls of one’s own house.
No matter the problems though, technology has made groundbreaking steps. Today all business is conducted in the meta-verse. A word that might, at the moment, sound odd to your ears, but that you’ll hear more and more in the upcoming months, and that in a short time will be representative of a space where people will spend 90% of their daily lives.
I don’t want to get too technical and move on, you will start receiving all the necessary information from medias very shortly.
Let’s get back to what I was saying...
As of today, the inhabitants of planet Earth log off the meta-verse just to sleep, but how did we get here?
Even if thinking about it in your decade may make it really hard to imagine, in 30 years time you’ll see it as a natural consequence of human evolution. To help you get a better understanding I’ll list the most relevant events that generated this revolution.
  • 2021 – big companies invest in the meta-verse
  • 2022 – the big aerospace companies invest in virtual reality in order to integrate it in the spaceships they built to colonize Mars, so to reduce almost completely the stress and side effects space travelers would otherwise have to endure.
  • 2024 – thanks to big investments the first domestic holographic projector is born.
  • 2025 – the pandemic and global warming make living outside even harder.
  • 2025 – a startup launches the first kit for holographic domestic conversion, able to transform one’s home into a real virtual environment.
  • 2035 –architecture is changed, houses today are built intentionally to interact with the meta-verse and thanks to a special kind of wallpaper and some holographic projectors, it’s possible to visualize every detail one desires in the environment all around.
  • 2040 – Colonization of Mars begins.
  • 2049 – Neuralink successfully uploads the first set of information in a human being.
  • 2050 – SuccessMetaCity is born.
Now that everything looks more feasible, I can talk to you about the project.
SMC is born as a secret project of starlink, and the goal is to store as many skills and as much knowledge as possible, in order to resell it to consumers via the Neurastore.
After the first tests on the servers of the project, it was possible to create a super intelligent quantic computer that discovered an important anomaly on the block chain, thanks to which is possible to defy the confines of time. We decided to take advantage of this anomaly to be sure that everything remains secret, hiring our explorers in the past and recuperating all those skills and abilities that in our time are almost completely lost.
Everything will begin shortly, as soon as we’ll be able to archive the collected information in its entirety, we will send 10,000 meta-bots in 2022 through our meta-smartcontract. They will form the Alpha Genesis Team and will be by far the most efficient. They will have the first role of setting the foundations of the city and set up the construction site of what will in the future be the industrial area of SMC: the silicon meta-verse.
Inside Silicon meta-verse there will be the productive sector of SuccessMetaCity, a space where once the construction site has been set up we will start building the first districts, integrating them with all the structures and services necessary to best optimize the development of knowledge and skills in an individual.
The meta-bots are also a product of a highly technological smart contract, thought to generate the most efficient returns possible while completing all the assignments given to them by the city Council. These avatars will be made of specific components, personalized to increase the rewards in specific situations. They will be generated by our quantic supercomputer, capable of doing extremely complicated calculations to predict which avatars will be more or less rare inside the city. This is why there’s no way of knowing in advance which components will be assigned to which cyborgs, but after having generated your avatar you’ll be always able to exchange it, sell it or buy more from all the other inhabitants of the city.
Now that you know of this exclusive project, you can decide to join the alpha Genesis team. An announcement with all the necessary details to guarantee yourself a place in SuccessMetaCity will reach your era very shortly, through our private channels.
Generate your meta-bot and help us build the future, you can either write history, or read of it once someone else has written it... The choice is yours!